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i'm proud of him. proud he made it in to a good college. i think he will do well. but keep that in mind. it goes by very, very fast. if you are in a position to do it, go to every one of their games or every thing they do in school. they appreciate it. you appreciate it. but the memories are going to last for you when they're not there anymore. >> dana: proud moment for parents, too. you got him to the point he is going to college. i remember my mom cried when she left me. i was sad for a minute then i was like okay, let's get this party started. what time is my first class? >> bob: did they cry when you left? >> andrea: yes, they were down one waitress. >> eric: good luck. alex beckel, good luck. great kid. great school. don't forget the rollins pub is fantastic on the golf course. >> kimberly: throw bolling's name. >> eric: all you need. >> dana: not in class. that is it for "the five." >> eric: a big weekend in
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football. championship weekend. >> dana: go broncos. >> bret: go everyone has the flu. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillou filling in for greg gutfeld who is siping sis sippie cup of nyquil. look at that cd. let's go to tv's andy levy for our pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> is the white house considering funding for police in public schools? i hope so. and are you ready for tv's who know who is watching them? and finally is beyonce totally cray? the answer is yea. that is y-e-a and not y-a-y.
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you guys dust me. >> what? >> sorry, that was for greg. >> i was wondering why my prompter said go away, andy. >> forget it. >> i met her back when i was a hotshot young surgeon headed to l.a. my car broke down in rural south carolina where she used to swim naked in the county lake. i am here with author and columnist jedediah bila. and i met him when i worked as a fact checker. he introduced me to cocaine and we have been pals ever since. it is the deputy editor of the daily caller. his book is called "the lizard king" and i met him when dealing with a family wear wolf curse. now he goes by bill schulz. and he once helped me change my parents' life for the better. it was by a time machine built from a delorean. and his stories are outrageous, but at least he is not contagious, our new york times cory spawn department. good to see you, pinch. >> the truth is contagious, tom. here is hoping you catch
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some. today in the times alexzander stanley reviews the new season of the y chromosome train wreck that is hbo's girls. expect lots of complaining, hideously lit sex scenes and gratuitous nudity done by an actress whose body shape can best be described as potato. i apologize for that. i should have pref physicianed that with the words "spoiler alert." tom? >> i am not -- >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> i am charmed by pinch. >> kudos. >> will shooting stop if schools have cops? the obama administration is considering a $50 million plan to fund hundreds of police officers in public schools. that's part of a comprehensive gun violence agenda. meanwhile on thursday at a high school in taft, california a student shot a classmate and a teacher with a shotgun. the employee -- the armed
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guard was not around after being snowed in. this hired muscle gun missing torpedoes saying armed guns in schools would pro pree vent shooting. today he was snowed in and tomorrow he will be out to lunch or take his mother to the doctor or this bed with the flu. armed security guards covering every school in america is not feasible, is it? or is it? bernie you were saying in the green room you completely agree with this website. i was surprised. >> well, actually i don't think armed guards in schools is really going to solve the problem. the idea is full of holes. no pun intended, it is not a funny topic. if you put the guards in the schools, the nuts will go shoot up a bus stop. unless you have these guys doing -- 99% of these schools there will be no outside intruders unless you pay these guys to serve double duty. they can be disciplinarians
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and guard the detention classes afterwards. >> that was also suggested, arming teachers who have permits that could carry. >> orchids with "a" grades or b plus and up. let these guys do double duty within the school and take care of the problem, the disciplinary problem in the school. this is just going to be a total waste of money putting armed guards in every school. >> what do you think of jedediah? i have been to the new york city schools and there are cops in the schools. jay a lot of them don't have them though. i like the idea of armed security in schools just from working in schools all my life. i like that idea. but i think it needs to happen at the local level. i don't want the federal government to come in and create some one size fits all approach. in other words to say every school has to have two armed guards for example. only at the local and community level do you know what these individual schools need. but as far as gawker, the armed guard was out. the solution would probably have been to have somebody replace him for that day.
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make it it visible. let people know there is armed security at this location. there is surveillance. they will know if they are going to contemplate doing any kind of harm. >> so have you against obama's plan. >> i think the specifics with respect to it is plans and how they affect the schools need to happen at a local level. they are the only ones who know what they need. >> in this particular shooting in california the gun slinger was talked down. isn't that what we need? talk. not a bunch of shooting. >> and jedediah's point i would be worried about this being federalized. i think we have a knee jerk reaction because of these tragedies as horrible as they are. we create these massive
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beurocracies. you do try the one size fits all approach. we have homeland security and the tsa. we have the civil liberties that go on for years and years and years. there is not a lot of evidence that keeps us or makes us safer. >> so this is another big government approach. how is obama getting away with this? he is acting like he is offering an olive branch saying he is selling this as a bipartisan thing. then he will go after guns on the other side. >> she actually calling the republican bluff really. nobody will want to spend all of this money in the environment. it was a knee jerk reaction, and it wasn't a good response to what happened which is to put armed guards in every school. it is just not the answer. he is calling their bluff. he is going to have to vote on spending money for schools and they will not want to do that. he says see they don't want to dress the problem. the guy will go to the bus
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stop and they will find out there are armed guards. ban the second amendment and repossess all of these crazy rifles if that's what you want to do. otherwise these rifles are out there and they will be used somewhere. >> that's it. i am not for banning guns. if i were for banning guns i would want to ban them all. i would want to confiscate happened -- handguns. >> that's why it is a knee jerk reaction. people see weapons of things that look scary. even if statistically the weapons are not the ones who do the majority of the damage. >> everyone agrees. your preferred weapon of choice is the sling shot or the zip guns. >> i am the dennis the menace of fox news. my overalls are adorable, but when they see the flinch they know i am up to no good.
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>> could you probably carry a sling shot back in the day. >> we called them wrist rockets and they were bad ass. >> do you remember shooting the paper clips? >> yes. >> i remember them being shot at me more. >> i disagree with the armed guards. i think we need to arm employees that are already there. otherwise it is not economically feasible. and who best to be carrying a weapon this school but the people that would probably know what to do with it. gym teachers. gym teachers. i have had nothing but horrific experiences since i was 12 years old of which i will not reveal only to my therapists. let's have them use their strengths for good rather than evil. have them focus on kids instead of bad little guys like me. you are welcome, america. from pistols to percs. he wants percocet in check.
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michael bloomburg has announced plans to limit supplies of prescription painkillers in new york city's emergency rooms as a way to combat a growing epidemic . they will no longer get three days of vie -- of vie co den. vie caw den. bill is shaken over here. they will use emergency rooms as their primary care doctor. but mate yes, sir isn't buying it. it aimes to keep extra pills from piling up. >> it is 17 days sitting there and some of the kids are going to find them. there raw lot more holdups of pharmacies and people held up and what are they all about? it is not stealing your shaving cream and toothpaste.
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they want these drugs. >> yes, they want these drugs to help ease their back pain so they can get back on their feet like this young woman. >> that is secondhand pill popping. >> she was having a great time. look at her. >> jedediah. >> she is my ideal woman. >> jedediah, now will bloomberg's plan help you at all? you have a miserable addiction to the pain pills, the reds, the blues and the pinks. >> i don't even take a tylenol. even certain vitamins scare me. it definitely won't affect me. but people leave the emergency room and then oftentimes go to their medical doctors who
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prescribe more of the medication. i think the problem is that doctors oftentimes over medicate their patients. it is part of the culture. people want a quick fix. they want to feel better today even though there is often a process to getting well and getting healthy. i don't think thatth is going to happen or affect anything positively. and once again this is a one size fits all approach. now all of a sudden bloomburg, dr. bloomburg can decide that you who may have some kind of injury only needs three days of painkillers. and it is universal. >> is he a doctor? >> no, but he is a nutritionist. >> there are probably a lot of dr. bloomburgs watching, and we want to make it clear we are not be smir ofing them. >> she concerned for his citizens. the man is just trying to protect us. can we let him do that? >> he wags -- he was a good businessman. he is not a doctor or dietician.
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he has no right to go into this. it is really up to the doctors here. >> what do you think? you must have an opinion on this. >> it is insane. he is a meddling know it all this mike bloomburg. around the country he is viewed as a paratbon of governments this guy. as a paragon. he bought his third material. >> that's right. >> that's not supposed to happen, right? >> he bought his third term. he was unoblivious to the pain of the 9/11 victims. he appointed one of his budlies budlies -- buddies who sent them to private school. that ended in disaster. she had no experience whatsoever. this woman kathy black. the last thing he did was run the marathon while the bodies were still floating around staten island after sandy. stay out of our business. by the way, he will go to a private hospital and will get meds while the poor people
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have to go to these public hospitals. stay out of it mike bloomburg. >> i know you have an opinion on this. they say these pain meds are not that much different from heroin. >> i hate this word epidemic. we start using this word ep -- epidemic. there is this and this is no not an epidemic. this is a lot of people who found a new way to get fun via fake prescription. i don't think we should call that an epidemic. if there was ever something that fell under a category of a case by case basis. it is this. some people might need more pills than others. the guy comes in and starts talking about how much percocet she wants and starts drooling and then her legs start shaking, well maybe just give her three or four. a law abiding citizen like myself, four bottles. >> they are afraid to give medication already. i had a stomach problem.
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we got these great meds and i went in the next time and i said to the doctor, and he wouldn't give me what i wanted. my problem was i showed news. yeah. i would love those drugs again. >> you would show more enthusiasm after the bathroom breaks. >> listening to his voice it makes me want to snort oxycontin. >> in fairness to bloomburg, the crime is down and the economy is sound and the highlight is a delight. if youaven't seen it, check it out. >> he was talking about my voice. >> from opiates to odors, did he get a pass despite all that gas. >> last month an employee of the social security administration was formally reprimanded for excessive flach lens. but the baltimore-based agency
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withdrew its disciplinary action with a spokesman saying, quote, when senior management was aware of the reprimand it was immediately rescinded. the letter cited 60 documented instances of the 38-year-old menace passing gas at a rate up to nine times a day. and when the foul-smelling fella said he would use a fan, his manager said that he would only, quote, cause the smell to spread around and worsen the air quality in the module. i would rather focus on puppy problems.
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>> do you think this guy is doing this for attention? >> to have this happen, he is lactose intolerant and they have medication for that. >> you can avoid ice cream at lunchtime. >> i feel like we have photos of this guy eating. he is eating a pizza and ice cream and milk shake. something is wrong with his diet. that's what we need to be talking about. >> is this something we have come to expect from government workers? >> i guess. but sprinkle some pho breeze in your salad or something. >> the al roker in the white house story. this is nothing.
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you heard about this, right? >> yes, yes. we talked about it on this show. >> his manager said that he cannot prove that he had a medical condition. but isn't everything a medical condition these days. you don't have to prove it, do you? >> i don't care if it is a medical condition, but it is worth reprimanding. where i work at the daily caller we had a similar problem. sadly none of us can fire or reprimand tucker carlson. >> you live with it, but here on the "red eye" set we turn on a fan. >> coming up, a tisket and a tasket and green and yellow basket.
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does beyonce come on in an interview?
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well, they are putting the vision in television. the consumer electronics show in vegas unveiled tv's that watch you watching them. these smart tv's use recognition . they are voice recognition and sensors to identify who you are allowing them to suggest shows you would like. manufacturers say this personalization is the future of boob-tubes and a boom for advertisers. but it is causing some concern. with one data consultant saying the concept is not such big brother as big marketer. another analyst noted this should result in shows and commercials you more.
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far less privacy. speaking of big brother let's check back on the puppy saga. >> that is called payoff, people. right? that's what we do here on "red eye." >> sadly they were both mauled by an 18-wheel semi. >> that's not true. bill says false things on the show to get a rise out of people. >> bernie, about this story do you want your tv keeping track
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of you? >> the over used word creepy perhaps, but this is as bad as what the tsa agents are doing. it is overkill. it is too much. >> you are a radioman. you like the anonymity of radio. >> if i want to sit in front of a webcam and spread my legs. >> it is voluntary. i don't like it, no. >> we are already being tracked. everywhere we go on the internet and our cell phones know where we are, what is the big deal about the tv's? >> isn't this the kind of intimacy we try to hide from? i am intrigued about watching my homeland and the television about that. this is incredibly creepy and that's the only word for it. >> jedediah, i have mighty vow at home and it searches for what i might like. but it doesn't know me. my wife comes in and watches the wives of the upper west
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side or whatever that is called and she throws off mighty vow choices. my tivo choices. i live with two girls. >> stop bragging. >> they are ruining my tv choices. don't you want to one up this? >> no. i don't need my television to know me all that well. i feel like it is one step away from the tv actually being able to see me and some of the stuff i do when i watch tv it is not so pretty. >> elaborate. >> speaking of elaborate you claim you don't own a tv, but isn't that something you tell girls to pick them up in bars? >> no. i don't own a tv because i don't have a home. but i do watch them on the windows of radioshacks. what i find is it is delightful. if you don't like it, you can turn it off. that's the option. the option is there. you can buy what comes with this and turn it on when you want. not to make the story moot because there is an issue and i would like to raise it.
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i always play a game with myself, and the game is this. when will i see my first mention of the words 1984 or big brother. in this case i bet sentence number three and i was right. you know the gift i gave myself was? percocet. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something cute or wonderful or anything? go to fox eye and click on submit a video and we might just use it. the report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by marathon. the long distance foot races covering a course of 26 miles and 385 yards. thanks, marathon.
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we are back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong. for that we go to andy levy. andy? >> hi, tom, how are you? >> good. the twitter chatter yesterday appears that i was a little long winded as the ombudsman yesterday. >> you got a little lost on the first story. >> your job is hard. >> but you recovered nicely. >> that's because you were giving me dirty looks. jay apparently -- >> apparently they wrbt as subtle as they thought. obama -- look, i have been there.
12:31 am
obama considering funding for schoolsment i think the idea of putting armed guards in every school isn't a good one. and jedediah, i agree with you. if they should do this, it should be the local level. while there are schools where violence is a problem obviously those schools exist but overall schools affect our society and violent crimes in society is way down. >> and it would be an enormous waste of money. if they are not smart about it, not only could it be strategically bad and not help, but it could waste a ton of money. i agree. >> absolutely. my fear is that if we are not careful we will end up with patriot-style laws passed, and they will have all iendz of unintended consequences that will screw up the country. but am i a libertarian nut job? >> no. history shows this repeatedly. you go back to world war ii.
12:32 am
pearl harbor gets attacked. 9/11 happens. the excellent p oi nt is crime rates have been falling for 20 years including in schools. we need to keep that in mind. >> thank you for not saying i am a nut job. >> last week you said whenever a tragedy occurs, don't act right now because you awcially make the wrong choice. >> you end up with internment camps that might -- not the internment camps, but maybe you could make an excuse that it was maybe needed at the time. but we have seen now all of these years later and all of these things, and it is not good. what do i know? shame on you for slandering gym teachers. they want our nation's youth to be physically fit which is probably why they didn't like you. >> somebody is dating somebody
12:33 am
at dodge ballgames. you are sick. >> he is private about his love life. but there is way too much venom in that. >> can't argue with that. dodge ball is a good description of my love life. >> dodge balls. >> i did a good thing and then you made it bad. >> that's what i am here to do. >> also a description of my love life. oddly enough. >> painkillers and public hospital rooms. you said it will hurt those who use emergency rooms as their primary care doctor. here is what our esteemed mayor had to say. he said quote, number one there is no evidence of that. of course. it just took affect. >> there is no evidence. it never happened. and number two, suppose it is
12:34 am
true and you had to suffer a bit. he actually said that. >> he is wanting us to tough it out. actually i like that. i am one of those. i like to go to a bathroom and sweat it out. >> larry craig. >> i am going to add that image to the reasons i don't sleep at night. >> go to a private place and use will power. >> nothing private about a rest stop, my friend. you know it. >> my feeling is i i don't want our mayor to break his leg or have surgery because of a torn fiber complex in his wrist caused by the ulna being too long so he has to have the bone shaved down. i don't want him to have that tbet that done. if he does i hope they don't give him painkillers so he has to suffer. >> he sim plaw meanting this
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for -- he is implementing this for the public hospital. he will turn into a nazi junky. but you can't if you are a poor slob in the city. >> which i am, bernie. >> my apologies. i'm sorry about that. by the way, i saw gutfeld in the gym today. >> are you serious? >> i saw him doing squats in the steam room. >> he tells the other guys that's how he makes them feel better. >> this is the only way i will get cured. >> he has a fake prescription and everything. >> by the way, a bunch of private hospitals said they will voluntarily go along with this. i had a hernia operation within the past year, and i actually called the doctor. shaw lieu was talking about it and i called him up pleading for more vicodin because i was in that much painment -- pain.
12:36 am
and then it was awarded to me. i would have been out in the street looking for heroin to shoot up. i needed. it i don't want to abuse myself in that way. it is a free crai. it is a free country. stay out of it. >> now you have taken it too far. >> jedediah said he is a doctor and emergency room doctors can prescribe three days worth of pain pills. my question is what is three days worth of a pain pill? >> i have never take answer pain medication even with my wisdom teeth out. i have no idea what this stuff does. i can't stand this guy because he thinks she a nutritionist and thinks he is a doctor. now he is an expert on gun control. is there no area where he is not an expert and can intervene and regulate something? >> he is an expert as being a big jerk. >> she an expert for being long for the days when guiliani was around.
12:37 am
>> i am missing dan ky ns. >> can we talk about the scam that is tylenol. nobody has ever taken a tylenol and felt better. ever. >> not with your tolerance. >> it does nothing. >> you always take tylenol when you are sick. it does president make you -- it doesn't make you feel better immediately. >> it does absolutely nothing. you are either falling for the or you are one of the perpetrators. >> so much as tylenol. >> you need a narcotic. it is true. >> yes. >> you mean just in general? >> no, right now. >> bill, what did you mean when you say there is a lot of dr. bloomburgs watching the show right now? >> nothing at all. as long as the other law of averages says other people are running the media i will keep my mouth shut right now. i am talking highly experienced professionals. >> the smartest thing you have ever said i am bringing it up
12:38 am
at the meeting though. jedediah, you said what is he eating? and then they said he is lactose intolerant. take a lactaid pill. >> exactly. >> i don't understand. in the letter or whatever it said that when he was first approached about this he said he would try -- he would take some gas x, this pill gas x. all you have to do -- maybe don't eat dairy at work, but if you are going to take a lactaid pill. they work. >> i just feel like he has no shame and doesn't care. >> i think he enjoys it. >> i completely agree. gas x is just the name of a weird film he made. >> that is actually a pill. >> andy is promoting lactaid and you are definitely anti-tyl. >> i can tell you lactaid pills work. i am lactose intolerant. i frequently am in pain. tylenol does nothing.
12:39 am
>> you are a mess. >> i am a hot mess. smart tv's know who you r. bernie you said you don't like this. but is it okay as long as there is an off switch for the sensors? jay if you have the option i guess. but i don't trust you turn the off switch off and somehow or another they are monitoring you and the next thing you know roup. next thing you know are you doing something to your dog members of the public shouldn't see. >> i think they should see it and then you are handled by the proper authorities. >> i thought it was a free country. >> tell your dog that. >> i i do not want carrie from homeland watching me. >> that's your decision. you can always turn off the tv. >> i barely want to watch carrie from season 2. >> you have a point there. >> you said some of the things you do when you watch tv
12:40 am
aren't pretty. >> i am levering it there -- i am leaving it there, andy. >> keep digging. >> he will be asking me for a few weeks though. >> i gave it a shot. >>lessly, bill npointing out -- you mentioned that there is an off switch for these centers, but don't you think that big brother will be able to hack into those sensors and turning them on creating a 1984-style society as he envisioned? i don't know. i feel like what the past is present and the present is pro -- >> off is on. >> up is down? >> black is white. >> i feel like we are through the looking glass. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. down-and-out in paris and london. coming up, my man is smooth like barry and his boys got base. with a body like arnold and a denzel face. not a story, just a text bill
12:41 am
sent me before the show. very strange. what is the latest on justin bieber and why hasn't he responded on me mentoring him. i have a lot to offer, justin.
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we used to date. now she is mrs. jay-z. yes, beyonce is one of the biggest stars on the planet, earth that is. and she is not as ground etd as i -- grounded as i once imagined. according to a "gq" interview her office has a storage that has ifer interview and every existing photograph and every video of every show she has ever performed. also season three of "cheers." that was a good season. >> and she employed a visual director who has shot particularly every waking moment for up to 16 hours a day. it ends with beyonce confessing, i know now that,
12:45 am
yes, i am powerful. i am more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand. wow when was she with many colors? let's discuss in the -- >> lightning roooooouuuunnnnnddd. lightning round. >> jedediah, this make you more or less likely to buy her cd when it comes out? >> well she is sort of self-centered and an ego maniac, but who isn't? i didn't see anything that j-lo was not doing or many other celebrities weren't doing. >> and perhaps an entrepreneur. bernie, she might be a genius documenting everything she has ever done. she will sell this late oamplet. >> as long as she looks as hot as she does on the cover of "gq" she can do what she wants. i agree with jedediah.
12:46 am
all of the superstars are divas and maniacal nut jobs. god bless her. she is a smart lady. i love -- >> wait a second. >> look at that. come on, man. >> bernie, everything she wants wants -- are you saying that as long as she looks that hot she can throw a bag of puppies into the river? >> he is just talking about -- >> he said she can do whatever she wants. >> i didn't see anything in that rolling stone article to make me not like her except for the fact that she is a little wacky. >> she was smuggling puppies. >> will, you are a big fan of destiny's child. what about those other two ladies, what do they think when they see this? >> due to my long, close-standing relationship with jay-z this is a topic i would like to not get into. okay an exbodyguard of
12:47 am
justin bieber is suing for assault. he says the biebs be rated him and shrugged him in the chest during a disagreement about how to handle a member of bieber's entourage. he is seeking unspecified damages and unpaid over time. jedediah, what ever happened to the man who was supposed to guard people? he got punched in the chest? what is that? reflexes alone he would have knocked bieber out. there is no way i buy this story. >> he was getting punched in the chest by little justin bieber. >> i can take him and i am a weak lig. >> you are 3w* 130. he is about 98 pounds. >> what do you think i weigh? >> i am terrible with men's weight. >> 151 pounds. >> really? >> more like 155. i am liking what i am seeing. >> bieber says this guy was a
12:48 am
disgruntled employee. what do you think? was he gruntled? >> taylor swift could kick this guy's butt and probably yours. this was part of an orchestrated effort. first the pot video, smoking pot. and now this guy comes out. this is an orchestrated effort to give bieber street credits. >> you think it was bieber who came up with it? >> she a canadian squirt who has as much street question as posse from "happy days." he is going the way of the jonas brothers and this is december spir ration -- desperation time if you ask me. >> is there an unwritten rule about not telling tales behind the scene? >> there is an unwritten rule, but this is not a bodyguard. this is a smart bodyguard. he should have hit himming bay, but she smart and let bieber hit him so he can siew. let's use the word hit. we are using it loosely. it was probably less of a hit and more of him climbing on
12:49 am
him and going like this. and then holding him like this and then trying to swing at him, but he is too far away like a wb cartoon. >> will, let's get to something important. do you like bieber's new hair do? he comes it back now. >> i am totally ambivalent on it. actually indifferent is the word for it. going back to the bodyguard thing. >> there is the new hair do. >> i like it. >> i like. >> i like the bangs. >> it gives him a little height. >> what were you going say? >> who should really be upset about this? assume -- if it is extortion or not. this guy is exisraeli army and this is sending a message to the commandos. it is not sending the right message. it is not good for world peace. the army should sue him. >> way to global lies your answer. it is time for a break. more stuff when we return.
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last topic, in an effort to give the brand a boost, monopoly will be replacing one of the classic game pieces with a new token. on the chopping block are the
12:54 am
top hat, thimble, shoe, wheel bear row, scotty dog or the race car. potential new tokens include a diamond ring, guitar, helicopter, cat or toy robot. jedediah, which would you get rid of and why? >> the thimble. sewing? who does that. it is a waste. >> did you think the cymbal was sexist? >> no it is to protect your finger when you sew. some are still useful, an iron. you still use that. i just don't like the thimble. i am opposed. but i do want the cat which will surprise no one and i am counting on andy levy to back me up on this one. >> bernie, which one? do you like the cat? >> i like the cat. i would get rid of the iron and the thimble and i would get donald trump in a top hat and i would put a homeless guy. >> i can't believe he hasn't moved in on this game, trump. it is perfect branding. >> not real money though, that's the problem.
12:55 am
>> the problem with monopoly is it lasts five hours. do american families have that kind of time anymore? >> you would certainly hope so. between the vie vicodin and everything else going on. lose the iron i think. >> you don't like the iron? >> i don't like the iron. i never have seen anybody play with the iron and i like the cat. if you want to capture the youth diamond ring, isn't that sexist? >> it goes along with monopoly , it is richest. it is a game for the 1%. >> or you could go with an iphone or a predator drone. >> did you see the guitar? it is so old. at least have an electric guitar. it is an old folk guitar. >> or the table for the people who go like this at the club. these ones. >> bill, let's talk about something important. chutes and ladders or candy land, which is more competitive? >> chutes and ladders definitely. candy land is for babies.
12:56 am
>> they are both brutal. they send you right back down. that's reality. >> my theory -- >> never mind. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy and to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye. look for me.
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
you can watch "red eye" this saturday at 11:00 p.m.nd p. that's right. 11:00 p.m. my mom can watch. a new show returns on monday. guests next week include dana perino and rick leventhal and kurt loder. time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. andy? >> thanks, tom. jedediah, what you got? >> next week a bunch of fox business pretty much every day. just tune in and check out my website and you will findu

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